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Redefine Fashion-Stay at home in Style

Why do you think staying home means wearing old t-shirts, frayed shorts, and large oversized nighties? You may not be the Duchess or even some Diva, but you too can stay at home in style because lockdown fashion is now a thing. Let us talk about the look you want to sport on different days of the week.

As the pandemic takes the world over completely, there is a temptation to turn to pajamas and stay in them all day and all night. But I would suggest take it differently. Staying at home means you get more time to curate what to wear and how best to wear it. You are free to experiment with anything in the safety of your own homes, without fear of any judgment.


These can be really comfortable and chic at the same time. It is the best thing to wear when you are working from home. Looks pretty cute and is totally fitting the bill of a cool work-from-home person. A kurta or a t-shirt teamed up with your favorite slacks makes you look like a cool diva being casual. Or you could opt for a floral patterned long top. In fact, shirts are not a bad idea either. Really long tops or even crop tops look great with leggings. You might actually go for a cool party look with a crop top-leggings combo. Good old t-shirts are always a savior. You see, leggings go with anything and everything.

bright color top


This is the best time to experiment with colors. You may not have tried a sparkling peacock blue or a glittery red ensemble but you can definitely try more of these sparky bright hues that are otherwise not advised on a daily workday. If you have always worn black, maybe you should try VIBGYOR. It might open up a lot of new options for you. For instance, go for blue on a Monday, (Monday blues, you know!). Tuesdays can be reserved for yellows, Wednesdays for a fiery red for a mid-week firing, Thursdays for green, Fridays for a lighter shade of orange since you are ready to celebrate the end of the working week. Saturday and Sunday can be a mixture of all these colors, or perhaps even a white/grey shade- weekends are supposed to be peaceful, after all.


This might be a new, yet unexplored option because why wear shoes while at home? But the question to be asked is why not. If you have some new shoes, this would be a good time to break in them and get comfortable. When finally the lockdown lifts and offices start opening, you can show off your new style statement and strut around in style. Of course, wedges and t-straps are not expected to be worn in the house, but sandals can be used for the commute from the fridge to the couch; sneakers can be worn during home workouts. In fact, those pretty ballerina flats or espadrilles might just make you feel more pumped up for the day.


Other accessories to experiment with could be headbands, bandannas, and hair bands. This is a good time to explore hairstyles and accessories of the sort. Be it fish braids, French plaits, or simply school-style braids, working on your hair at this point is a fab idea. Some people can opt for a bold bald look to get a new mane of thick hair while others can color their hair (maybe purple or red?). Still, others may wish to curl or straighten their hair and experiment with bold styles that they otherwise may not have done.

oversized tshirt

Oversized stuff:

It may not be believable but oversized dresses can be fun too! You can choose Wednesdays or the middle of the week to don that maxi or oversized t-shirt because work can get boring and exhausting and you don’t really feel like making an effort. The easiest way is to wear a tall coverall over whatever you are wearing then. Shrugs can be very useful in these aspects. Imagine the doorbell ringing and you are wearing faded tees and some old capris. Just quickly don a flowery gown and go out. You are no longer flustered but a confident woman who shows off her stay-at-home self. Similar styles would involve shirts worn over spaghetti tops that could be teamed up with capris or leggings as indicated above. Shrugs could be either sleeveless or full-sleeved as it tickles your fancy.

Mix and match:

Mix and match your old favorites in new combinations. Team up your favorite skirt with an old kurta and you will see the magic happening. Or maybe a pair of old jeans beneath a much-loved dress. Arabian pants or harem pants are very comfortable lower clothing and it can go beautifully with that favorite quote t-shirt of yours. In fact, trying on a saree at this point is another great alternative. Maybe, you can practice saree tying over some time and get into a habit of wearing it so quickly you might actually become a pro! Try a saree over an old tee of yours. Wear summer dress. Or a top with a pair of shorts with the dupatta from your lehenga. Take a silk shirt and wear it over a pair of slacks. Pull out all the V-necks, round-necks, the Chinese collared tops, old blouses, velvet uppers, peplum or cold-shouldered tops and wear them. Take out all those clothes which you didn’t dare to wear in front of others and experiment. There is no better time than this to make a change in your wardrobe and learn your taste. Once all this is over, you will emerge a fashionista! There are umpteen possibilities and the home is your oyster.

So, glam girls! Go all out and make this work-from-home a fashion parade of sorts.

You may find some cool stuff in this space itself!

All the very best!


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